5 Reasons We All Love Following Ellen Degeneres



Source: © Deposit Photos

With over 29.7 million followers (and counting) it is safe to say that Ellen Degeneres and her team is doing something right with her Instagram account. Here are the top 5 reasons we love following Ellen:

1. Puppies/Baby Pictures

Even if you don’t love to look at one or the other, the images of both puppies and babies are enough to soften even the hardest of hearts.

2. Those captions though

One of the most recent gems comes with a picture of her facetiming Kim Kardation her caption reads, “I FaceTimed with @KimKardashian. She was fully dressed. I must’ve caught her at a bad time.” Kudos to whomever is doing the captions over there – no fear!

3. Obvious face Photoshop

With her photo imposed face appearing on the bodies of Emilia Clarke (everyone’s favorite mother of dragons) and Rachel McAdams (who wouldn’t want to be her face – especially when Ryan Gosling was attached to it) it keeps us wondering, where will her face appear next?

4. Reality and Stars

You’ve got to love Ellen’s tasteful mix of celebrities and real people she has on the show. She does the same thing with her Instagram account.

5. Humor for days

With the recently endless political posts and seriousness that is in our everyday life, it does wonders to laugh. Ellen’s Instagram is full of hilarious memes that keep us laughing out loud.

Post away, Ellen! We all love it.