A Sixth Tremors Movie Officially In The Works



Source: alchetron

It seems that to try keeping a cult classic sci-fi/horror down for good is to try nailing Jell-O to a tree, as the unrelenting and seemingly unending Tremors series is coming back again for a sixth installment (to many’s surprise, fans included).

Series star Michael Gross recently announced the news himself on Facebook about two weeks ago. The news has as of now been picked up by the official Tremors page and confirmed true. In his post, Michael Gross says he “can’t divulge too many secrets,” but he did share that Tremors 6 will be directed by the same director of Tremors 5: Don Michael Paul and that the film will feature Jamie Kennedy reprising his role as Travis Welker, the long-lost son of Burt Gummer, played by Gross himself.

Here’s the full quote of Michael’s Facebook post:

IT IS HAPPENING!!! Tremors and Graboid fans, there WILL be a number 6!!! Universal Studios Entertainment announced to me today that this will happen. Can’t divulge too many secrets but to say that Burt Gummer. Jamie Kennedy and director Don Michael Paul will return for another.

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