Angelina Jolie Death Hoax



Source: © Deposit Photos

In early August, Angelina Jolie’s many fans went into a panic when false reports came up that she had committed suicide. The rumor was quickly proven to be nothing more than a hoax, but the effect had been put into place.

A scam website started this rumor by claiming that it had posted a video of Angelina saying goodbye to all of her fans before taking her life. The reports then spoke of her having passed days earlier. However, it did turn out to be nothing more than false news created by trolls. This website is said to have used many URLs, which were linked to several different Facebook applications that are made to generate the same scam. These types of sites generally want access to accounts of Facebook users, so that they can receive the personal information of lots of people.

The rumor was that Angelina had taken her own life because of her divorce from Brad Pitt. However, this rumor has been proven to be false in many ways, is not only is Angelina alive and well, but she and Brad are still happily married. They have been seen multiple times with their children as a happy family, as well as seen being affectionate in public with each other when they are out as a couple on their own.