Anton Yelchin, Is Faulty Car To Blame For Death?



Source: © Deposit Photos

The world is still reeling from the tragic and seemingly preventable death of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin last month. The rising star was killed on June 19th, 2016 when his Jeep Grand Cherokee pinned him to a brick pillar that was part of his security fence. In light of his death speculation has been drawn to the Jeep itself.

The auto manufacturer recently issued a recall on the vehicle due to a faulty park engagement which means that though the driver may think the car is in park, it is indeed still in neutral. It appears that Yelchin put his car in park, or so he thought, then stepped out of the car at which time it rolled into him.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Jeep because the recall was not yet available to the public at the time of Yelchin’s death. Over 300 accidents due to this recall have been reported and it is believed that this defect is what caused the tragic accident. The lawsuit calls for the automaker to provide restitution for the plummeting resale value of these vehicles as many struggle to off load these cars.

The coroner’s report stated that Yelchin died moments after impact which does draw much needed attention to the defect. Though his death is incredibly sad, there is no real way to determine if the defect is what caused it without further investigation that is now under way.