Are Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Reconciling?



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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris had a nasty split. Immediately after, Taylor Swift was linked to Tom Hiddleston and there were even allegations the two may have begun their romance before Taylor and Calvin officially split. As such, it came as a huge surprise to many when it came out this week that Taylor and Calvin are friendly again, following Taylor’s split with Tom. So this leaves a huge question? Is there any hope of Taylor and Calvin reconciling?

Let’s start with the obvious. Both Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are big names in the music industry. They even have a hit song out that they wrote together. As such, their paths are likely to cross multiple times. As such, they may have just decided to bury the hatchet to make things easier on both of them in the future. However, could there be more there?

The truth is, anything is possible when it comes to love. They may have been spending too much time apart and drifted apart from each other. But after splitting, they may have realized they missed each other. However, we think that getting back together with Taylor will hurt Calvin’s brand and make him look weak, as such, we are not expecting a love reconciliation anytime soon. But only time will tell on this one.