Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Vegan: ‘I’ve Given Up Meat For The Benefit Of Humanity’



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It looks like The Terminator is quitting meat for good. The ex-governor of California is on a quest for the betterment of the world as he’s been urgently telling the public through social media and several other projects to take up a less meaty diet focused more on vegetables ‘for the benefit of humanity’.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has recently partnered with the Wild Conservation Society to raise awareness regarding poaching. The WCS and Arnold made a video clearly showing how heinous the crimes of poaching are and made it clear that they’ll receive their due punishment for their killing of thousands of African elephants.

The former bodybuilder has recently teamed up with James Cameron, and together they’ve delivered a clear message to the world: “Less meat, less heat, more life.” That was the impactful final message they left for the viewer in a video the two made together where they explained that animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportation. They also lent their support for China’s new directive which is urging Chinese citizens to reduce their meat consumption and opt for a more vegetarian diet.

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