Bruce Springsteen Comes Clean About Divorce from Julianne Phillips



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In his most recent memoir titled “Born To Run”, singer Bruce Springsteen talks about his affair with Patti Scialfa and his divorce from first wife Julianne Phillips.

Firstly, Bruce talks all about Julianne and his relationship with her. The singer regarded his 3- year marriage with the model as one filled and marked by his distrust and anxieties:

“One evening, while I sat across from my beautiful wife in an upscale Los Angeles eatery, a conversation formed silently inside my head. There, as we politely chatted by candlelight, hand in hand, a part of me tried to convince myself that she was simply using me to further her career or to get . . . something.”

Their relationship continued to deteriorate as Bruce continued to distance himself from Julianne and get closer to Patti, who was in his band at the time. Regarding Patti, he writes:

“Patti was a musician, was close to my age, had seen me on the road in all of my many guises and viewed me with a knowing eye. She knew I was no white knight (perhaps a dark gray knight at best), and I never felt the need to pretend around her…”

Lastly, he writes about coming clean to Julie about Patti and himself adding that there wasn’t an easy way out of it. Finally, he writes about Julianne and how he wished he could’ve handled things better and how he regretted placing her in such a difficult position.

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