Not So Fast: Ciara Didn’t Exactly “Lose” the Custody Battle Against Future



Source: © Deposit Photos

While the internet is being plastered with headlines that speak of singer/ songwriter, Ciara’s so-called “major loss” in terms of the custody battle between her and her child’s father, Future, that is not exactly the case. Although the singer was seeking joint custody and technically lost that part of the battle to Future, she may still ultimately win the war.

Future has been granted temporary joint custody in which Ciara remains the custodial parent and the rapper is allowed to visit twice monthly. However, this order is temporary as the judge in California does not have true jurisdiction outside of the state and this ruling, at least, allows the rapper to visit with his child in the meantime. Nevertheless, the two must meet in Georgia’s courts to allow a judge to decide whether Future will continue with actual joint custody or just supervised visitation. There is also the tiny matter of the $15 million defamation suit that Ciara has against Future. In other words, the Future of this custody battle is still very much up for grabs.