Cult Classic ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ Actor Harry Shearer Sues Vivendi



Source: Nerdist

Famous actor and voice actor Harry Shearer has sued media group Vivendi for $125 million over profits.

The cult classic ‘This is Spinal’ actor claimed he has only earned a total of $82 over 22 years following the movie’s release and its huge merchandise profits.

Harry Shearer is mostly known for his voice acting career, having done the voice of several ‘Simpsons’ characters such as Ned Flanders, Lenny, and Principal Skinner.

The actor starred as bassist Derek Smalls in the 1984 fictional “mockumentary” This is Spinal Tap and, according to the court documents obtained by ABC News, seeks at least $125 million from Vivendi in compensation for punitive damages.Vivendi, which bought the rights to the film, has yet to pronounce itself regarding the ordeal.

Shearer has posted several statements and videos on his personal website ‘Fairness Rocks’ detailing his claims and what he plans on doing; in one of those statements, he claims he will be suing Vivendi through his own company, Century of Progress Productions.

It seems that things will continue to heat up between Shearer and Vivendi, and whether the actor gets his fair compensation for his work or not remains to be seen.


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