Deadpool 2 Loses Director Tim Miller After Creative Differences With Ryan Reynolds



Source: TV3

After a series of creative differences with Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds, film director Tim Miller has decided to ‘step aside’ from the upcoming sequel.

The director had not signed an official contract to direct Deadpool 2; however, he was already developing the script for the movie and by all accounts was on board with continuing his work on the upcoming Fox film. According to studio insiders his exit from the film happened over creative differences with Reynolds, but they assured it all happened without altercations and in a very friendly manner. Miller is expected to work on another big Fox project.

All of this comes as a huge blow for fans of the original, of course, because while Reynolds’ role as Deadpool was key to the movie’s success, Miller’s direction was what allowed it to be a top film. Only time will tell if Deadpool 2 will get a director of the same caliber and skill as Tim Miller; perhaps Ryan Reynolds will step in and direct the sequel himself? we’ll see.

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