Did She or Didn’t She? Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston



Source: © Deposit Photos

Rumors are swirling amid the breakup between Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift that she did in fact cheat on Harris with her new beau, Tom Hiddleston. Though there is no solid proof, the pair have gotten particularly cozy in a matter of weeks, almost as if their romance was already growing when she and Harris were still an item. There have been tons of rumors involving the breakup including that Swift did not like to have sex, that she was cold and distant, and that she used Harris for her own gain.

Over the fourth of July holiday weekend, Swift and her posse of celebrity pals posted pic after pic of their exploits including a great number of Hiddleston with a tank top sporting the phrase, “I Love T.S.”. There are also tons of pictures of the pair kissing, hugging, and playing in the waves along famous pals like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Though it is not certain just when Harris and Swift actually did break up, they seemed to be drifting apart in the past few months and they are now official caput and Hiddleston is the man to beat. Though we are sure Taylor will have some new drama with Tom before too much longer, they do look very genuinely happy in the photos that we have seen.

Though Taylor is not one to take her time when it comes to getting to know someone before she starts dating them, maybe she should have given Calvin a little break before she jumped into Tom’s arms.