Dwayne Johnson Signed to Play Doc Savage in a Shane Black Film



Source: © Deposit Photos

Dwayne Johnson is teaming up with writer/director Shane Black to bring “Doc Savage” to the big screen. Doc Savage was a pulp hero of the 1930s and 1940s. Known as “the Man of Bronze,” Doc Savage did not have any superpowers but was raised by his father along with a group of scientists to be a perfect human being regarding strength, physical abilities, and intelligence. He is a man of many gifts, both physical and intellectual. He travels the world with a team of five assistants to fight evil, particularly villains who want to take over the world.

Dwayne Johnson, once known as “The Rock” when he was a professional wrestler, has starred in films like “The Mummy Returns,” “Be Cool,” and the most recent “Fast and Furious” films. He brings a lot of physicality to the role of Doc Savage. Johnson is also working on “Fast 8,” a remake of “Jumanji,” and is lending his voice talents to a Disney Film entitled “Moana.”

Shane Black wrote the “Lethal Weapon” movies. His breakout as a director was helming “Iron Man 3.” Besides writing and directing “Doc Savage,” he is working on a reboot of “The Predator.”