Eddie Murphy’s first movie in four years to feature a dramatic role for the action/comedy actor


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Eddie Murphy is best known for his action films, such as the “Beverly Hills Cop” series. He is also famous for providing the voice of Donkey in the “Shrek” films. So it comes as a great surprise that he plays a quiet, introverted man in an upcoming drama entitled “Mr. Church.”

Murphy plays Henry Joseph Church, a man with a mysterious past who is hired to cook for a single mother named Marie and her daughter Charlotte in 1965 Los Angeles. The job is only supposed to last for six months, but the relationship between the jazz-and-book-loving cook and the family he works for turns out to last for decades.

According to Coming Soon, Murphy was attracted to the role because it was quite unlike anything he has ever played before. He usually plays extroverts, even in the family fare that he had appeared in, such as the modern version of “Dr. Doolittle.” Church is a quiet, unassuming man who has a deep personality that is only teased out during the film. In this way, Murphy is stretching himself as an actor.

Charlotte, by the way, is played by Britt Robertson, best known for having appeared in “Tomorrowland” and the upcoming “The Space Between Us,” both science fiction films.

“Mr. Church” opens September 16, 2016.