Flight of the Navigator Becomes a Bank Robber



Source: detivkino

There seems to be a curse on child actors, especially those who have the fortune of hitting it big in one big splash with a movie or successful TV title, and then nothing afterwards. The predictable plot played out again for Deleriyes Joe Cramer, better known as Joey Cramer, and the child actor who played the lead role in Disney’s 1986 movie, Flight of the Navigator. While the movie itself did well for Disney and related production companies, Cramer’s role at the age of 12 did not carry him much further, and he ended acting as a teenager after 1987.

Since that time Cramer seemed to have a road paved for him in skateboarding and music, but it never manifested due to his going sideways in drug use and later in more serious crimes of fraud. Repeatedly finding himself in front of a criminal judge in court, Cramer became untouchable for any respectable employment and solidified his downward spiral.

Fast-forward to 2016 and Cramer now finds himself giving yet another mugshot, but this time due to being arrested for robbing a bank in British Columbia, Canada. The criminal photo of Cramer at 42 is a long ways from his classic boy look in the Navigator. Given the charges and the number of witnesses involved, it is very likely Cramer will be serving some serious time. However, he has one thing going for him; prison in Canada is a lot more comfortable than even the best incarceration facility in the U.S.