Full House Stars Grow Up: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Turn 30



Source: © Deposit Photos

June 13th, 2016 marked the monumental 30th birthday for fashion guru twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. For some, this event may not be as awe-inspiring as it seems to others on the surface, but to millennials, this important birthday marks the end of a childhood era of pigtails, denim overalls, bad jokes, obnoxiously long hugs and life lessons all told from the set of the popular 90s sitcom Full House.

Are you feeling old yet? Cause you should. If reminiscing about the blue-eyed darlings doesn’t send you into a whirlwind of emotion, take for a minute to recall the numerous movies the pair filmed. From “Our Lips are Sealed” to “Billboard Dad”, if you were a fan, you can still sing your way through the movies with quaint nostalgia.

In spite of their childhood successes, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have managed to keep the majority of their personal lives and drama out of the spotlight. Both of their couture brands, “The Row” and “Elizabeth and James” have been wildly successful. So much so that the twins no longer consider themselves actresses.

Kudos to the pair for proving child stars can grow up to be successful in something other than show business. Currently, Mary Kate is married to 47 year-old French banker Olivier Sarkozy. The two have been together for nearly four years. Ashley is reportedly dating 49 year-old Moneyball director Bennett Miller since 2014. The pair also spend quality time mentoring their younger sister Elizabeth.