Is Jennifer Aniston Finally Pregnant?



Source: © Deposit Photos

Pictures surfaced this week showing Jennifer Aniston with a larger than normal tummy. Jen was frolicking on the beach in a bikini with her husband. Jen is normally in shape with an enviable bikini body,  so as soon as these pictures started making the rounds, people started to wonder if her and Justin were finally starting a family.

Those rumors picked up steam when she was photographed in a tshirt and large scarf hiding her belly when she arrived back from her vacation. She also ignored questions from the paparazzi about her belly and pregnancy rumors. However, while she kept her mouth shut, her rep was quick to squash the rumors and dismiss them. She stated that the round belly on Jennifer was the result of a delicious and sizable lunch that was enjoyed on a private vacation.

This isn’t the first time rumors have swirled about Jennifer’s pregnancy status. And it isn’t the first time her rep has quickly and correctly put them to rest. Due to her age, and the fact that she was not even trying to hide her stomach, we are inclined to believe the rep and agree that Jen is simply out of shape because she isn’t filming and enjoyed eating. However, time will tell if she is or is not pregnant.