Is Kaley Cuoco Engaged?



Source: © Deposit Photos

Kaley Cuoco famously dated Ryan Sweeting for only three months before becoming engaged and six before getting married. While many questioned the decision, she simply stated that when you know, you know. Unfortunately, that marriage did not last. Since then, she had been linked to a few men before settling into a relationship with equestrian Karl Cook. She has made it quite clear that she is extremely happy with him and that their relationship was progressing wonderfully. Her friends even reported that the two were moving in together.

However, this week things took an interesting turn in that relationship. Kaley Cuoco was spotted wearing a diamond ring on that all important ring finger, leaving many to wonder if she had gotten engaged. At first, some speculated that the picture in question was taken while she was on set filming her hit show The Big Bang Theory. She is married on the show so sports a ring when filming. However, when pictures of the ring she wears on set were compared to pictures of the ring she was wearing in the photograph, it was very clear they were not the same ring. So has she gotten engaged?

At this point, neither Kaley nor Karl, who she has been linked to since March 2016, are commenting. However, given her history of moving fast in relationships, it is very possible that the two are indeed engaged. If they are, congrats to them and hopefully it works out better than her last marriage.