Is Leo DiCaprio going to Mars?



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Oscar-winning actor, environmentalist, and now world colonizer (to be, at least), Leonardo DiCaprio is the kind of person that’s always doing amazing things with life. However signing up for the world’s first experimental trip to Mars seems a bit too extreme, even for someone like DiCaprio.

At the White House’s South by South Lawn festival of ideas -which took place earlier this month-, the actor was engaged in a panel discussion with President Barack Obama and Dr. Katharine Hayhoe -a climate scientist-, who joked that it was of utmost importance to preserve and care for our planet, as moving to the Red Planet like Elon Musk had recently pitched was not much of a realistic option.

According to Inverse, she said:

If you’re a human living on this planet—which most of us are, yeah? As long as we haven’t signed up for the trip to Mars—I don’t want to know if anyone has—I think you’re crazy.

To which DiCapio answered: “I did!” while Obama in response to that added: “I think he’ll acknowledge he’s crazy.”

Elon Musk warned that anyone who signed up should be prepared to face death. This leaves Leonardo to wonder whether or not signing up for the project -if he truly did- was truly a good idea.

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