Jackie Chan Awarded Lifetime Achievement Oscar



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After the blood, sweat, and tears, Jackie Chan has been recognized for all his efforts in the film industry and has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Oscar.

The 62-year-old Chinese actor and martial artist received an Honorary Oscar at the Governors Ball on Saturday. With a career spreading across more than half a century and over 200 films, it is no surprise to anyone that Jackie Chan was bestowed such a recognition.

The award is a chance for The Academy to acknowledge an artist’s whole body of work. Chan has primarily featured in martial arts and action-comedy films.

Receiving this award must’ve have been a dream come true for Jackie, who revealed that 23 years ago, he visited Sylvester Stallone’s house and, believe it or not, touched, kissed and smelt the Oscar displayed inside.

“I told myself. I really want one. After 56 years in the film industry, making more than 200 films, I’ve broken so many bones, finally this is mine,” he said.

The actor was congratulated by many of his colleagues on the event as well as on social media: “Congrats to my friend Jackie Chan on his fantastic honor — after 200 movies, you certainly deserve this Oscar. You always inspire,” Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote on Twitter., one of the many who congratulated Chan.

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