Jared Leto Unhappy with Suicide Squad



Source: © Deposit Photos

Whether you loved the movie or hated it, it is pretty likely that you have heard one thing or another about Suicide Squad’s sordid production history. One such incident specifically surrounds the role of the Joker in the film, played by Jared Leto. One major criticism that the film received was that despite being heavily marketed, the Joker simply was not in the film very much at all. Even people who enjoyed the film felt that the marketing was somewhat deceptive. Perhaps the person who feels the most cheated by this is Leto himself.

Turns out, Jared Leto had been under the impression that Suicide Squad – as well as his role – was going to be very different than how the film ultimately turned out. Not only was he expecting the film to be much more artful than it ultimately ended up being, but perhaps more importantly, he was expecting his character to be more pivotal to the plot than he ended up being. Indeed, for many, the Joker was a wasted character – going from (according to several source) an important character to the narrative, to a character who appears in all of seven minutes of the film, some of which is told in flashback. With all of that in mind, it is not surprising that an actor, especially one as accomplished as Leto, would have some sour grapes over this film.