Jay-Z and Beyoncé Are The Highest-Paid Celebrity Couple Of 2016



Source: © Deposit Photos

Together the King and Queen of pop music earned a mind-boggling $107.5 million within the last year, continuing the huge gap between celebrity net worth and that of the people buying their music. Jay-Z and Beyoncé now stand at the pinnacle–or center–of the celebrity aristocracy, basking in their lucrative plaudits with characteristically chic bravado. It is anyone’s opinion how well-earned those millions were, but nevertheless–there they stand, at the top of Forbes’ Celebrity 100 List. How long will the Lord and Lady of the pop and rap music world stay there? That’s up to the music-buying public.

A Big Drink of Lemonade

Much of Beyonce’s $54 million in earnings came from her latest release Lemonade, her sixth # 1 album. She was definitely the more active of the two artists, performing 19 shows in the last year, where her man Jay-Z conspicuously only played 2. Those 19 shows added significantly to her income as well. The album features collaborations with artists Jack White, James Blake, The Weeknd, and Kendrick Lamar. What, no duet with hubby Jay-Z? Hmmm.

Astronomical Earnings

While Jay-Z and his gal stand at the top of the celebrity earnings rostrum, Taylor Swift heads the list of single celebrity earners, with a whopping $170 million in earnings. Say what? If she hadn’t split from former beau Calvin Harris, Swift and Harris would have taken the top spot from Baby Lemonade Beyonce and her man.