Jennifer Aniston Dresses Down Pregnancy Rumors and Magazines that Perpetuate Them



Source: © Deposit Photos

In recent months Jennifer Aniston has again become the center of tons of pregnancy rumors. The happily married woman that is in fact not pregnant. This is not the first time that tabloids have announced that she and husband Justin Thoreaux are expecting, it is however the first time she has openly addressed the rumors.

In a candid blog post Aniston stated that she is tired of being scrutinized and body shamed by the tabloids. She also states that she does not have to be pregnant to be a woman, something that tabloids seem to think is synonymous with marriage and femininity. Aniston states that it is not fair and certainly not right that every time a camera lens detects some perceived imperfection that tabloids immediately assume that a woman must be pregnant.

Though Aniston did state in a very eloquent and tasteful way that she was no longer going to be part of the narrative that the tabloids have created, she also let loose a few curse words to get her point across. Aniston, like so many women in Hollywood, is constantly at the center of rumors that she is pregnant and she is one woman that is not going to take it anymore.