Justin Bieber Nearly Attacked In Club



Source:© Deposit Photos

The famous Pop singer and songwriter Justin Bieber was nearly attacked in a German club this past week.

While Justin Bieber was in Munich for his Purpose World Tour earlier this month, the pop star hung out at a German nightclub called Heart – and nearly got into a bar fight. Witnesses could see Bieber trying to make his way through a crowd of people when he accidentally bumped into a man, who then lunged at him, flying into a rage.

Luckily, Bieber’s’ friend John Shahidi was right there to help him. He protectively stepped in and took care of the guy, as a lovely brunette wearing a German barmaid outfit ushers Bieber out of the way. Justin Bieber continues his European tour called the Purpose World Tour next week in Finland and Sweden. The European leg of the tour will not wrap up until the end of November.


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