Kim Kardashian Has Decreed: Contouring is Out



Source: © Deposit Photos

The queen of contouring herself has called it; contouring is officially out.  The makeup trend she established has reached the end of its run. Maybe it’s her new mommy life style that’s leaving her less room in her day for a long make up routine. This past weekend she told celebrity make up artist Charlotte Tillbury that she is going for a more natural look with less makeup.  She has become a proponent of the new “non-touring” technique which focuses more on highlighting and less on the harsh bronzy shadows of contouring. It’s called strobing, because nothing is more natural than looking like strobe lights are constantly hitting your face.Maybe she started taking tips from her younger sister Kendall who has been rocking the ‘strobed’ look for a while now.

Apparently her husband, rapper and fellow entrepreneur Kanye West, loves her new low(er) makeup look.  Although she (and her husband) are embracing a more natural look doesn’t mean she’s given up on her old ways entirely. Her perfect little nose isn’t plastic. It is painstakingly and lovingly contouring into the skinny little slope we see everyday. This style diva is constantly evolving and changing her look. There’s no quite telling what she’ll do next.