Lil Wayne Suffers From a Seizure on his Private Plane



Source: © Deposit Photos

Lil Wayne suffered a terrible seizure during his flight to California on June, 13th 2016.  He was flying in his private plane from Milwaukee when he suddenly blacked out.  He initially denied any medical treatment after the plane landed in Omaha, Nebraska.  When the plane took flight again, he suffered another seizure and was rushed to the hospital for help.  Lil Wayne claims that this isn’t abnormal for him and that he has seizures on a regular basis.

Sadly, Weezy has collapsed on a flight several times before.  The artist nearly died from a different seizure in May of 2013.   His heart rate dropped down to thirty percent after enduring three seizures in a row.    He claims the reason he is suffering from so many seizures is because of overwork, lack of sleep and incredible stress.  In 2012, his private jet hand to land twice in a row because he was continually having seizures.  Unfortunately, he never gets any warning signs before a seizure starts; seizures just randomly happen to him.

This is a very scary situation for the rapper, which has pushed his decision to change his life by making some wise lifestyle changes.  Hopefully, these healthy changes will end the continuous seizures that Weezy has been painfully enduring.