Milla Jovovich: ‘I have my family because of Resident Evil’



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In a recent interview with People magazine, the famous actress Milla Jovovich expressed herself regarding her life and how the fast-paced zombie-filled action franchise Resident Evil has impacted it.

I think that the franchise has definitely made me who I am today,” she told People magazine. “And I have two kids and an amazing husband because of it.” Milla Jovovich met her now husband director Paul W.S. Anderson whilst filming the first Resident Evil film back in the year 2002. Their marriage has produced two children: Ever Gabo, 8, and Dashiel Jovovich, 1.

The actress recently finished filming the last Resident Evil film, reprising her role as Alice one last time. She commented on the interview how ‘thrilled’ she was about the shoot feeling more intimate and kind of a ‘family affair’; with her husband directing and their oldest daughter, Ever Gabo, playing the part of the Red Queen in the film.

Milla also expressed herself about how she feels now that she won’t be Alice anymore:

“I feel like, at the moment, I’m kind of in the middle of it in a way. My husband is just finishing the edit and is just starting to do a little bit of press. I’ll feel it in a couple of years. Normally, it’s two or three and we’ll make another one. I think in a couple of years I’ll say, ‘Wow, I really miss Alice and I miss that franchise’, but for the moment it’s still all very present.”

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