Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr reunite in studio


Source: Mirror

It’s not every day you see the last two surviving members of the Beatles come together.

So a picture of Sir Paul McCartney, 74, and Ringo Starr, 76, together in a studio has sent Beatles fans completely wild. Fans collectively burst into tears as Ringo declared his “love” for his longtime friend and collaborator and begged them for a proper Beatles reunion.

“Thanks for coming over man and playing great bass. I love you man peace and love,” Ringo tweeted to his 1.46m followers.

Ringo – who was the drummer in the Beatles – is working on a solo album at his home studio. And it appears that singer-songwriter Paul came over to lend a hand on bass.

Ringo’s album will be the follow-up to 2015’s Postcard From Paradise. Paul and Ringo last recorded together for Ringo’s Y Not album released in 2010. McCartney played bass on the song Peace Dream and sang on Walk With You.

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that Sir Paul McCartney is sidelining as a magician. The dad of five was spotted showing off his magic skills at a party in LA.

“Sir Paul is a really talented magician. He often performs tricks during any showbiz bash he attends,” Sources told TheDailyStar. “He’s actually really good, people are always so shocked. He even mentioned that he would have to start hiring himself out for parties.”

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