Paul Walker: 15 Years Since Fast & Furious Release



Source: © Deposit Photos

When the inaugural Fast and Furious was released in the summer of 2001, no one expected the film to become a cult classic franchise generating almost four billion dollars at the box office. Fast cars, pretty faces, and hot bodies turned up the heat as a summer blockbuster is naturally expected to. During the promotion for Fast and Furious, women were sold on Paul Walker’s charm. His handsome good looks were an afterthought for many admiring fans. Before he became a teen idol, known for hit movies “She’s All That,” “Skulls,” and “Varsity Blues,” he was a goofy, loveable character on the sitcom Throb.

Paul Walker was the star who stood out from the ensemble cast of Fast and Furious. The humble SoCal surfer, known for his generous spirit, had already cultivated a loyal fan base. He wasn’t known as a Hollywood bad-boy. He was a professional with a heart of gold; a rare thing in Tinsel Town. Private by nature, his romantic life rarely made tabloid headlines (maybe he learned about living a soap opera during his years on The Young and the Restless?)

When Fast and Furious was released in 2001, the Patriots had never won a Superbowl, the Red Sox still felt the curse of the Bambino, and Barack Obama not a contender on the national political scene. Now, fifteen years after the release of The Fast and the Furious, the shining star of the franchise is only alive in the spirit of those who loved him and his legacy of putting good out there. Reach Out Worldwide, founded by Paul Walker just years before his untimely death, is a charity on mission to do good and be first responders during natural disasters. His teenage daughter created the Paul Walker Foundation to honor her father’s legacy and passion for the oceans.

Fans new and old can experience the magic of the Fast and Furious family with the release of  the first The Fast and Furious in theaters beginning June 22, 2016.