25 U.S. Presidents Ranked by IQ



Source: © Deposit Photos

It’s comforting when the leader of a nation is truly smart enough to be in office. And you know what? It should be common knowledge how smart the Commander in Chief is. That’s why we’ve compiled this ranking of American presidents. Some went to college and some didn’t, but their IQs might surprise you either way.

Don’t forget that an average IQ score is 100. “IQ” stands for Intelligence Quotient and is measured by a test of your ability to reason and problem solve. Most IQ tests look at your math, language, visual, memory, and information processing skills. A score between 125-134 is gifted, 135-144 is very gifted, and 145-164 is considered genius. Do these presidents have the know-how to be in charge? Are some of them perhaps…geniuses?


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