Rapper DMX Has 13th Child


Earl Simmons aka DMX performing live at Glavclub in Moscow, Russia on 18th of September, 2014

Source: © Deposit Photos

You read that right. At age 45, and on the brink of a rumored comeback, the well-known rapper, DMX (also known as Earl Simmons) is expecting his 13th child. Presently in the process of finalizing his divorce from his estranged wife, Tashera, the rapper’s last child was born not too long ago in 2013. Filing for bankruptcy in the same year, the artists ability to financially provide for this child is likely in limbo. Moreover, given that he shocked the world on the show, “Iyanla: Fix My Life” and essentially chose drugs over one of his older children, his parenting skills are also being called to question. What’s more, in the wake of a $400,00 child support lawsuit and dozens of fairly recent arrests, many are wondering if the rapper will be inspired by this new addition, or if it’ll be the final straw to push him over the edge.

Nevertheless, it seems that the rapper and his new girlfriend are fairly excited about it. Although the rapper can be seen posing with his patented icy expression, the couple has posted a pic or two confirming her baby bump and the fact that they are starting (well, continuing) a family.