Rob and Blac Chyna Already Called Out for Faking Scenes on New Reality Show



Source: Instaliga

In true Kardashian fashion, the family’s newest couple, Rob and Blac Chyna (are they calling them “Rac” or “Blyna?”) is already being accused of faking scenes for their brand new reality show. Reportedly still in production, according to sources, the couple is totally faking the whole thing.

What Did they Fake?

Well, potentially a few things. But for the sake of this post, they were caught red-handed shooting fake house shopping scenes. It is a fairly well-known fact by now (at least amongst those who keep up with the Kardashians) that Rob’s mother, Kris Jenner, bought him and his fiance a $2.3 million home just earlier this year. Nevertheless, as a part of the reality show, the couple was filmed looking at lavish homes, yet sources close to the family assert that there is no way the couple will be buying a new home anytime soon.

A Deal Breaker?

In light of these new discoveries, many are wondering if the show will even be worth watching. However, let’s not act like the entire Kardashian clan hasn’t been repeatedly accused of faking scenes and storylines. A far cry from an E! Hollywood Story , whether the show is 100% authentic, will likely take a backseat to its entertainment value. Well, if history is any indication, that is.