Sarah Silverman Transfers Support to Hillary Clinton



Source: © Deposit Photos

Though Sarah Silverman was once a strong Bernie Sanders supporter, he did not become the Democractic presidental nominee. As such, Silverman is now transferring her allegiance to Hillary Clinton. Though she had always been a supporter of Clinton, she found that she had more in common with Sanders and his plans.

Now that Sanders is not going to be the next president, Silverman is giving Hillary her full support, as is Sanders himself. At the Democratic National Convention, she announced that she was going to be backing Hillary Clinton despite the emails that were released from WikiLeaks that showed the efforts of the DNC to undermine Sanders’ campaign in favor of Clinton. This has caused many Sanders supporters to be against Clinton, and Silverman believes they are “being ridiculous.” When she made her announcement, she was heavily booed by Sanders supporters.

Prior to this event, Silverman had stated, “I think most Sanders supporters are reasonable people who think, you know, Bernie and Hillary have so much in common. They have a lot of the same values.” Though she called the ‘Bernie or bust people’ who booed her “nutso,” she has demonstrated that she believes that she is still a fan of the Sanders platform and likes that Hillary has adopted many of the principles that he had originally set forth. She said that she will vote for Hillary “with gusto.”