Saturday Night Live Has A New Donald Trump And It Is Alec Baldwin



Source: © Deposit Photos

Saturday Night Live announced this past week that actor and host Alec Baldwin will play the part of presidential candidate Donald Trump (orange makeup and wig included). This role was played by former cast member and current SNL announcer Darrell Hammond and by Taran Killam before Hammond.

Baldwin will don the Donald Trump style throughout several episodes, similar to what Larry David did when he played the part of Bernie Sanders in an agreement with Saturday Night Live last season.

The actor has commented on Trump’s candidacy several times in the past: in July last year he appeared on The Howard Stern Show and said he “would love to see Trump win,” as a president like Trump would be “exactly what we deserve right now”  thus implying his support towards Trump and his campaign. However, May this year Baldwin told Ellen DeGeneres on her show “We don’t want a president who looks like he’s been dipped in movie popcorn butter.”

Kate McKinnon -who recently won Saturday Night Live‘s first supporting actress Emmy- will be keeping her role as Hillary Clinton.

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