Susan Sarandon is Caught Having a Miserable time at the DNC – and Confirms it via Twitter



Source: © Deposit Photos

Oscar winner mega star Susan Sarandon has been a serious advocate for Bernie Sanders’ road to presidency. In his loss to Hillary Clinton, although the star is still supportive of the democratic party, she couldn’t- or didn’t want to hide- her frustration and true lack of interest throughout the course of the convention.

Susan Sarandon’s feelings about Hillary Clinton and her quest to secure her role as the first female president of the United States come as no surprise, though. The actress once referred to Clinton as “more dangerous” than the controversial Republican nominee, Donald Trump. Miss Sarandon also tweeted back in June about how she was unconvinced by Clinton and “not with her.” Even though Bernie Sanders is now endorsing Clinton, Susan isn’t convinced and she fired off tweets about just how frustrated she was following Bernie’s solidarity for Clinton on Tuesday.

While many pictures were taken and memes began circulating the internet about how unhappy Susan looked while attending the DNC- including eye rolls and shaking her head in disgust- a random twitter user tweeted “Susan Sarandon is having literally the worst time at the #DemConvention” alongside a GIF of the actress’ face- which looked completely miserable. Miss Sarandon retweeted the tweet and tweeted back “Accurate” which pretty much confirmed what her face was saying all along.