Tamar Braxton kicked off of The Real


LOS ANGELES - APR 27: Tamara Braxton at the 2016 Daytime EMMY Awards Nominees Reception at the Hollywood Museum on April 27, 2016 in Los Angeles, CA

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Last week, Tamar Braxton was fired from the popular day time television show The Real and it came as a complete shock to everyone from fans to the show’s co-hosts. One of the most outspoken ladies in the group without a doubt, the first reports of Tamar’s departure from the show said that it was a mutual and amiacable situation. Only in it’s second season, reports began to surface last week that Tamar was actually fired from the show.

But why? Why would one of the most loved stars be let go when the fans adore her outspoken, tell it like it is personality. Turns out that her sass and attitude was a bit to big for the show and crew. In the 2nd season, Tamar became more and more difficult to work with and her diva attitude was unsuitable for the show’s dynamic.

The true nail in the coffin, according to many news outlets, was her temper tantrum in front of a huge sponsor for the show. She had a melt down during the recording of the show in front of the studio audience and the sponsor which reflected on the show quite poorly. That combined with her nasty attitude, diva antics, and all around aggressive personality made her unfavorable for the show.

Who should be the next cohost on The Real?

Sources say there might not be a replacement as viewers are pleased with the dynamic sans Tamar Braxton. If there is though, a young lady like Zendaya would offer a fresh boost.