Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga Both Back On the Market After Split



Source: © Deposit Photos

Though Lady Gaga and her former fiancé Taylor Kinney have been through nearly everything together, the singer announced that the pair have been taking a break. She explains that she believes they are soul mates but like every other couple, they do have ups and downs. The singer did not come out and say that there is no hope for them to ever get back together, simply that the long distance nature of their relationship and their careers have been keeping them apart.  It does seem like the pair have been growing apart lately as they have not been seen at many events together. The pair are still on good terms and Gaga says that they are still very much in love.

Neither has confirmed that they are split for good but simply that they are currently taking a break to reevaluate their relationship as it stands. It is understandable since celebrity couples are constantly under the lens of the paparazzi but as of now it does not bode well that they are taking a break. Many couples never recover from long breaks but Mother Monster insinuates that they have taken a break before and come back. Only time will tell if they are still in love enough to get married or if the flame has died out for good.