Taylor Swift and Kanye West Battle over “Famous” Lyrics



Source: © Deposit Photos

It wasn’t all that long ago that Kanye West released his bizarre video for his new song “Famous” in which the rapper lies naked in a bed with wax figures of famous celebrities. Among them are Donald Trump, The 2016 republican presidential hopeful, Ray J, the man Kanye’s wife made a sex tape with, Rihanna, and more. The most famous of all however?  A wax figure of Taylor Swift that is right next to Kanye.

The drama is not about the wax figure per se, though Taylor did threaten to sue due to his using her likeness on a naked figure without permission, but rather on the lyrics of the song itself. The line in question, “I made that b***h famous.” Taylor is angry because, as she claims, she allowed Kanye to mention her in the song but he never told her that he would be calling her, “that b***ch.” Kanye and Kim have fired back however with secretly recorded snapchat messages where Taylor clearly states that she would be honored to be mentioned in his song.

Does Kanye specifically say what the whole lyric in reference to Taylor is, not exactly. He does however extend professional courtesy by telling her that she is in his new song and tentatively asking permission.