Taylor Swift donated $1 million for Louisiana flood victims



Source: © Deposit Photos

Taylor Swift, the celebrated country singer/songwriter, has donated $1 million for the relief of the victims of the Louisiana floods. Swift pointed out that she had kicked off the American dates of her “1989 World Tour” that started last year in Louisiana and that her fans there made her feel welcome in particular. She expressed heartbreak at the devastation and the anguish that the floods have caused.

The Red Cross noted that the Louisiana floods constitute the worst natural disaster to hit the United States since Superstorm Sandy. Untold thousands of people have been driven from their homes, and almost a dozen people have been killed since torrential rains began to fall over the state.  Rivers and streams have risen, burst their banks and levees. and drowned entire communities. Volunteers in boats, dubbing themselves the “Cajun Navy,” have rescued thousands of people, bringing them to shelters. Sometimes people had to be moved from shelters before they too were washed away, so dire have conditions become. The topography is so flat that much time will pass before the waters entirely recede. Many people who have lost their homes lacked flood insurance.

Just as in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana is showing how cruel nature can be but also how generous and brave people can be in response.