Taylor Swift is Single Again, but Who Called it Quits?



Source: © Deposit Photos

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston announced their breakup in early September after a whirlwind romance that gave little of them time to breathe. It is rumored that the couple dove head first into love, swapping “I love you’s” barely a month into their relationship. Friends close to Hiddleston even said that he was thinking about proposing to the pop star.

Both have said that the breakup was mutual and amicable. However, rumors abound, and depending on who you believe, one of them may have pulled the plug on the relationship before the other was ready.

Some sources say Swift ended the relationship because she became uncomfortable with how quick things were moving. She may even have been upset that Hiddleston was making the relationship more public than she was comfortable with and that he might have been doing so in an effort to boost his own career. Those close to the couple also say that they fought often about  not being able to spend enough time together.

Friends of Hiddleston disagree, saying it was he and not she that ended the relationship. They described him as a commitment-phobe who gets bored easily, dumping women when he gets tired of them. And they say that’s exactly what happened with Swift: he got tired of her.

Regardless of which account is true, the result is all the same. The couple is no longer together and Swift is single once again.