Taylor Swift ‘Writing New Music about Ex-Boyfriends Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston’



Source: © Deposit Photos

 It seems new Taylor Swift material is coming soon, and surprise surprise, this time is about her ex-boyfriends Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston.

The singer -known for her hit singles like Shake It Off- is more than famous for making songs and singles about (or at the least being somewhat related to) her former boyfriends, so this does not take many by surprise. The artist is said to be taking special inspiration from her most recent relationships for her upcoming sixth studio album.

According to E! News, a source said while the tunes might not make the final cut, Taylor has been influenced by her recent splits.

 According to several sources Taylor Swift is currently on good terms with both Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston:

“Taylor has spoken to Harris on text,” the source said, adding that the conversation taking a more “friendly”route rather than wanting to get back together. “She is also on good terms with Tom at this point.”

Finally, although the former couple had a bitter break-up earlier this year, Calvin praised Taylor on Twitter for writing his song This Is What You Came For.

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