The reboot of ‘Lost in Space’ has its Will Robinson – and His Dad



Source: Instaliga

Netflix is developing a remake of the 1960s TV series “Lost in Space,” which depicts the adventures of a family of space explorers who find themselves cut off from Earth and trapped on an alien planet according to Coming Soon. Toby Stephens, who was last seen in “Black Sails,” has been cast as the father, Dr. John Robinson. Maxwell Jenkins is to play the youngest son, Will Robinson. The characters were played by Guy Williams and Bill Mumy respectively in the original series.

The original “Lost in Space” series ran for just three seasons and spun off a movie remake in the 1990s. The new series is said to take its inspiration from the 1960s show in that it will be part family drama and part science fiction space adventure. The original show started with the Space Family Robinson blasting off to Alpha Centauri on board the Jupiter 2 only to be sabotaged by the nefarious Dr. Zachary Smith on the behest of an unnamed foreign power. The series devolved into low camp and somewhat cheesy story lines. “Lost in Space” has been compared unfavorably to “Star Trek,” a space adventure show that also aired in the 1960s.

The first season of the reimagined series is due to air ten episodes starting in 2018.