What to Look Forward to in Hip Hop?



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The industry keeps talking about the main people, like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and Drake- who are all aging. In five to ten years, they may not be as relevant anymore.  And with that said, one can’t help but wonder who and what looks promising, and who are the rising stars now. As a matter of fact, the market is already getting somewhat tired of hearing the same people all the time. They want variety, Even the ones who are absolutely obsessed with these artists, sometimes want a change. Not to mention, the younger generation won’t think that these aging stars are in the cool group in five to ten years from now.

The Next Few Runs or So

Nevertheless, for the next few runs of being on top of the industry, there are albums that are in the makes or that just came out recently that people are raving about. The ones that came out have only been released for a month or so. And rumors have it that some of these album sales have outdone hip hop royalty so far.  The albums that consumers are looking forward to (even if the album has been released some weeks ago, and in which case, these consumers have yet to purchase them ) include Schoolboy Q, Pusha- “King Push”,  Drake- “Views from the 6”,  Big Sean, and Kanye West- “Turbo Grafx 16”.

Rising Stars Worth Noticing

Now for the drum rolls: There are tons of aspiring hip hop artists out there; nevertheless, the following are some to take great notice of. These rising stars’ music is very extraordinary, and definitely put great fear into many already established artists.:

1. Real J. Wallace & Dayfade – “Aloe Vera”

2. Domo Genesis – “Genesis”

3. Khary – “Intern Aquarium”

4. Tunji Ige – “Missed Calls”

5. Tommy Genesis – “World Vision 2”