Will the Bieber End Up Being Deported?



Source: © Deposit Photos

When Justin Bieber first hit the big time, thanks to the production skill of Usher, the Canadian teen singer was the epitome of  innocent teen boy packaging, just like another teen idol who made it big, Miley Cyrus. Since that time Justin Bieber has managed to get himself on the wrong side of the law for a variety of legal infractions and crimes, including driving under the influence, resisting arrest, assault, careless driving, street racing and vandalism. Now, all of these issues combined or even separate would seem to be typical run of the mill for a youth with too much money and not enough discipline in the good ‘ol USA. However, Bieber has a particular problem no one else has: he’s Canadian.

Under U.S. federal law, clearly immigration violations will get a resident or visitor deported. In addition to that trigger, however, there are also violations of “moral turpitude.” These are crimes that, according to the State Department, involve violations that harm people, involve fraud or larceny, or harming things. Given how vague the description is, a lot of crimes at both the misdemeanor and felony level can count as moral turpitude eligible. If Bieber keeps going down his path of  current behavior, eventually a judge is going to decide enough is enough and give the pop singer the boot back up north. And when that happens, he will find it extremely hard to continue a singing career when most of the industry is in the U.S.